Senior Relocation Services

Moving to a Smaller Home or Modifying your Existing home.

Here every step of the way

There comes a point in everyone’s life when the need to Downsize to a smaller house or apartment, move to a Retirement Residence or stay in your home and modifying your living space will improve your day to day life.

Organized Transitions takes a compassionate approach with each family. The home is downsized, packed, and followed by the physical relocation into retirement living or smaller home. We understand what a difficult time this is for everyone involved and our customer care will go above and beyond in order to help make the transition as seamless as possible and ensure that you are happy and comfortable in your new home. Emptying cupboards, closets, basements and attics full of belongings that have been accumulating for years, often becomes far more work and more complex than you may have first thought. We will reduce your stress and help you prepare for the relocation to your new home or manage the modifications of your current home.


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    Complimentary Consultation

    We always start by getting to know our clients. By offering a Complimentary in home consultation, we can discuss your needs in order to develop a plan that best suits your schedule and budget.

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    Help Find New Residence

    If you need some help finding a new home, we can help.

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    Create Floor Plan

    We will measure and discuss what furniture you love and together we will create a floor plan to ensure your favourite pieces will fit comfortably.

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    Sort and Organize

    We will sort and organize everything in the home and ensure they are either set aside and placed in designated areas for moving, selling, shipping, recycling or disposing.

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    Transfer of Utilities

    We will make a list of all your current utility companies and contact them to have your account either closed or transferred to your new home.

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    Pack, Label and Inventory

    We will bring all packing supplies and carefully pack, label and keep an inventory of everything that is moving or heading to storage.

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    Co-ordinate Movers

    We work with some great movers. We will co-ordinate and manage it all.

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    Unpack and Setup New Residence

    Once you are all settled in your new home, we will return to your former home to set up and prepare for the auction. We will co-ordinate all aspects of the sale.

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    Auction Setup and Sale

    We will arrange for an Estate Content Sale or Auction to sell furnishings.

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    Donate, Recycle and Dispose

    When the auction is over we will take care of any items left unsold by donating, recycling or disposing of them.

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    Cleaning of The Home

    Last but not least, we’ll make sure the home is cleaned inside and out.